Filipa Semião, Health Coach , Professional Cook, Food blogger


I help women cultivate their best life and live from their truth and strengths by achieving a inner balance with themselves and in several areas of their life.

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Working with Filipa has been a surprisingly great experience! When I seemed confused about what to do with my future she confronted me with an important question which I couldn't find an answer for, right away. Who am I? She has guided me to find an answer to questions like this and to other self discovery revelations. She will treat you an an individual and not as a number by providing activities/ guidance designed to help with whatever you are struggling with. Her positive attitude, genuine concern and warm energy make her a great health coach. 

Armando Cruz

With the daily stress and all the things we have to deal I constantly forget about myself. We always have an excuse to not spend some time on ourselves. Filipa showed me the circle of life. She showed me that I have to take care of myself first and that it´s time to pursue my dreams without fears.

Naida Folgado

Filipa´s been my accountability coach for almost a year. She has been paramount to helping me stay on track with my goals and showing me a fresh perspective during challenging times as I grow my business. Her bubbly yet gentle personality makes her really pleasant and fun to work with. I know she genuinely cares for her clients and that is what makes her so special.

Stefania Alisciani

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